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10 Reasons Why You Need To Be Giving Yourself A Facial Massage

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Massages are a blissful way to relax your muscles. Although massages are available at fancy modern spas, they have in fact been used for thousands of years to help people heal and decompress. Massages make people feel good! You’ve probably had a massage on your back from a professional or a partner, but have you ever experienced a facial massage? 

Facial massages offer the same relaxation benefits as body massages, with a bevy of other pluses. What kind of benefits?  I’ve gathered the top 10 reasons why you need to add facial massage to your routine!  

1.  You’ll have smoother skin

We all want smoother skin. How can you get skin softer than a baby? Free radicals break down your skin’s barriers over time and cause signs of aging like fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles. The more elastic your complexion is, the smoother your face will appear. By massaging the muscles of your face, you can help improve elasticity and prevent the development of wrinkles. While you’re gently rubbing your cheeks, chin, and forehead, you’ll also be helping your skin glow! 

2. Facial massages stop wrinkles in their tracks! 

What’s the number one sign of aging? Wrinkles are one of the most visible signs of deteriorating skin. As we get older, all of us experience an increase as wrinkles as a response from free radicals and the repeated tightening of our facial muscles. When we stress, those muscles tighten even more. Fortunately, a facial massage will help relax your muscles and reduce that stress. Supercharge your massage by adding your favorite moisturizer, such as the HD Intensive Moisture Creme. Not only will you help prevent wrinkles by reducing stress and releasing the tension in your muscles, you will also deliver deeply hydrating cream to your skin. This contributes to a wrinkle-free appearance overall!

3. They can help you maintain a youthful complexion

Facial massage delivers more than moisturizer to your complexion; with regular gentle agitation of the muscles comes oxygen. Increasing oxygen is a natural, needle-free way to stop the clock. Like exercise, massage increases blood flow, which can rid your skin of a dull and tired look. 

There are many ways to achieve the glowing results from facial massage. You can do it yourself at home on a regular basis, which can have an incredible effect with a consistent routine. Your complexion can also benefit from an HD Beauty Facial by a professional aesthetician; this luxurious treatment will deliver the highest quality of skin care serums to your skin with the careful and practiced touch of a skin specialist. 

4. They enhance collagen production 

Collagen is an abundant protein in your body and one of the building blocks of our skin. However, as we age we produce less and less collagen, which makes our skin less resilient. As our collagen stores deplete, our complexion has a harder time retaining moisture, smoothing skin, and remaining tight. Facial massage stimulates your skin, encouraging your body to produce collage, which helps skin fight signs of aging and prevent breakdown. 

5. Facial massages allow face products to absorb better into the skin

There are many effective skin products for a variety of skin ailments. Whether you face dryness, acne, oil, flakiness, redness, or other issues, there are serums, moisturizers, and cleansers for that. The trouble is, even if you are using the right product, you need to make sure that it is applied properly. Without the correct application, even fantastic skin treatments can’t penetrate the skin. 

By massaging your skin as part of your skin care routine, you boost effectiveness and absorption into your face and neck. Softly rub circles on your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and neck to get the blood flowing. Then circulate again but add your favorite serum and/or moisturizer with gentle strokes. When you increase absorption, you maximize your results without wasting product. 

6. They remove toxins from the skin

We wash our faces daily because our skin endures a lot of buildup. Smog, beauty products, sweat, and dirt can all be layered on top of our faces, which can lead to toxins in our skin cells. This free radical damage can have a multitude of negative effects including swollen eyes, red and irritated skin, and fine lines and wrinkles. 

It is important to wash your face daily (I recommend twice daily, with products specific for your skin type) to remove these toxins. You can also help your skin by activating your lymphatic system with massage. Not only does this help your skin naturally remove toxins through the body’s lymphatic system, it also aids your overall stress levels and health! 

7. They increase the circulation

When you want to relax, you may book a back massage or a pedicure that includes a foot rub. Just as other parts of our body benefit from regular massage, so does our face. It feels amazing to release the tension in our faces that we carry every day from smiling, frowning, talking, and more. Taking a minute to massage around your mouth, eyes, and cheeks is not only relaxing, it also increases the blood and oxygen flow to your face. 

Have you ever splashed cold water on your face after a hot shower? The shock is usually quickly replaced with a refreshed feeling and a bright complexion. The cold water stimulates blood circulation and helps your skin glow. The same goes for massaging your face! 

8. They can help reduce acne

So many women experience acne, even long past their teens. We have woken up to blemishes or spots that we would love to banish from our faces. You might have tried all the cleansers and spot treatments available, but did you know that a facial massage could help? It’s true! Some skin conditions, like acne and rosacea, can be helped by getting your blow moving with gentle massage. 

Circling your face and neck with your fingers boost your circulation, which aids the natural healing process. Just as the lymphatic system carries away toxins that lead to premature aging, it also carries away the irritants that can lead to breakouts. 

9. Facial massages can reduce headaches

Many of us suffer from regular headaches, which can be a result of stress and the grind of modern life. The good news is that facial massages can be an effective tool against all types of headaches: tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. If you feel a headache coming on, try giving yourself a quick facial massage by circling pressure points around your head and neck. Regular massages not only help you destress but also help you manage the symptoms of your stress and can make your headaches less frequent. 

10. It’s relaxing! 

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to start giving your facial massages ASAP is that they are totally relaxing! Especially if you struggle with anxiety, these mini-massages can help you unwind. All of us have stress and tension from everyday life, which can lead to our facial muscles tensing up. Have you ever felt your jaw hurt from too much fake smiling? It’s time for a massage to ease those pains! There are several pressure points within your face alone, so simply by activating those points through massage, you can release stress and muscle tension that builds up inside. 

How to give yourself a facial massage

Now that you know you need to start treating your face to massages, you need to know how to do it! Here are a series of easy steps to get started. 

  • Start with warm hands – you can simply rub them together so they aren’t cold to the touch
  • Put your fingers at the hairline and massage the scalp. 
  • Place moisturizer on your hands and apply across your face.
  • Continue rubbing your moisturizer on your face and neck 
  • Lastly, encourage lymphatic drainage, starting behind your ears and drawing downward

These are only the top 10! There are many, many reasons why facial massage has become so popular in skincare. Try massaging your face and see the results it brings! 

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