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6 Gorgeous Spring Beauty Trends To Try Now

By April 12, 2021No Comments

Spring is all about renewal and regrowth. Flowers are blooming and bringing more color into our lives, so it’s time to swap out our winter looks to reflect that! These spring beauty trends are all about exchanging dark winter pigments for bright, refreshing looks!

While some winter styles are here to stay (I’m looking at your smoky winged liner), there are plenty of new styles coming up. Whether you want to rock a subtle look or bring out the big colors, there’s something for you in our spring beauty trends!

6 Spring Beauty Trends You’ll Want to Try This Year

Over the years, we have seen many different trends phase in and out of the beauty industry. We’ve seen everything from thick brows to winged eyeliner to dark lip liner paired with a light-colored lipstick!

This season, we’ll help you discover the newest beauty trends that will make your skin look flawless! Here are the 6 beauty trends we recommend trying this spring!

1. Dewy, Moisturized Skin

This last year has been all about learning to care for our skin and bring out our own inner glow. Has your skincare routine grown out of control in all the wrong ways? If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect product, we recommend the HD Intensive Moisture Creme to pamper your skin.

Taking care of your skin is a way of practicing self-care and showing the world that you love yourself. Your natural complexion is beautiful, and this spring beauty trend is all about embracing that! Choose lighter coverage foundations that let your skin breathe.

You want to create a dewy, barely-there look with your makeup. Try stippling on your lightweight foundation when your face is freshly moisturized and still damp. To bring out that beautiful natural dewy look, try adding in a bright blush. You’ll look gorgeous and revitalized!

2. Minimalist Makeup Looks

Just like the no-makeup look will be popular this spring, minimalist makeup looks are on our radar! Just like the previous spring beauty trend, minimalist looks showcase your naturally radiant skin.

You don’t need a thick foundation to rock this look. Makeup that looks like you’re rocking your natural skin is the key. You can look just as radiant with illuminating, light coverage.

Put your fave highlight drops or cream highlight on the top of your cheekbones. You’re ready to go!

3. Using Blush to Sculpt Your Face

Have you tried using blush to sculpt your face? It’s easier than you may think and makes for a stunning look.

This spring beauty trend is all about looking youthful and lifted. Blush up high on your cheekbones accomplishes this with ease. Picture Rihanna at the 2017 Met Gala. It’s a simple, flawless look.

When you put your blush way up on your cheekbones, right up against the outer corner of your eye, you get an automatic lifted look. Blend it onto your lids with bright sheer pinks for an adorable bohemian style.

4. More Dramatic Eye Looks

When you’re wearing a mask or facial covering all the time, you’ve got to find new looks to express yourself. This spring beauty trend focuses on dramatic looks with black eyeliner.

While you might think you left your heavy eyeliner back in high school, it’s making a comeback, and you’ve got to be ready. Whether you’re a beginner or a makeup guru, this is an easily achievable look. Go wild with your favorite kohl pencil. This trend is all about thick lines that draw attention to your eyes.

A great way to get a dramatic eye look is to use heavy black eyeliner all around the eye. Soften the edges by smoking it out, and you’re all set.

5. Brighter, Bolder Colors

Winter is on the way out, and you can leave those deep dark winter colors with it. The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to bring out your favorite bright colors.

Expect to see yellows, greens, and blues as part of this spring beauty trend. These are great colors for matching with your favorite colorful mask.

You can mix and match to create the perfect mask/eyeshadow pair. Pick up a bright pallet with all of your favorite spring colors to prepare.

Avoid pigment fallout and get a clean, structured eye by wiping around your makeup with micellar water.

Colorful makeup isn’t relegated to your eyeshadow this spring. Keep an eye out for fun rainbow-hued mascara looks.

If your eyes are all that people will see, you want to make them pop! Even if your look is more neutral, colorful mascara will complement it by adding some more color.

The best way to apply your colorful mascara is to start by using a lash primer. Brush it through your eyelashes to give them a little added length before adding your favorite color mascara.

Speaking of colorful looks, if you can’t choose your favorite color, add some more! You can get some serious runway vibes in your everyday look by doing a little color blocking.

When you’re doing it on your eyes, you probably want to stick with two shades. They can clash or match, depending on your mood! Leave one color structured and clean while you buff out the other. Try pairing a super bright color with some stripped-back skin for extra fun.

It’s the perfect spring look and a great chance to try out those new colors on your pallet.

6. Maskne Skincare Treatments

It looks like maskne is here to stay this springtime. We’ve been dealing with it all year, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.

What does that mean for our spring beauty trends? It looks like those facial treatments specifically formatted to combat mask-induced breakouts will be staying on top of the charts.

I suppose the increase in innovative acne treatments is one of the positive things to come out of the pandemic. Companies are creating products that go way further than simple salicylic acid treatments.

They are adding in all kinds of interesting natural ingredients to flesh out the products. This ranges from ingredients like milk thistle seed oil to sulfur and azelaic acid to zinc oxide!

You can find products containing a ton of unique ingredients that can work wonders.

There are lots of benefits to using natural ingredients. They often contain natural chemicals that can have positive effects on the skin. This is the time to experiment with your skincare routine.

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Whatever your style, these spring beauty trends will make a great addition.

Channel your early 2000’s with some heavy eyeliner or celebrate the warmer weather with bright colors. Then pamper your skin afterward with an innovative and natural maskne treatment.

This is the season for putting your most vibrant and natural self forward.

Which of these spring beauty trends are you most excited to try out this season?

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