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Blog Cover: 6 signs it's time for a new spring skincare routine

Six Signs That It's Time for a New Spring Skincare Routine

Spring has officially sprung, and you're ready to look your best! Here are six signs you might need to switch up your skincare routine this season.

A perfect skincare routine can seem nearly impossible when you’ve spent years testing new products, keeping up with the latest trends, and still can’t seem to get the results you’ve been craving. Even if you use all the right products for your skin concerns, they might not work for you.

Many factors influence your skincare routine, including age, climate, hormonal changes, etc. So what does that mean?

One perfect skincare routine may no longer be perfect for you because you’re constantly changing. Here are six signs that it’s time for a new spring skincare routine.

1. You do not see the Results

It takes time to see results from your skincare products, but if you consistently use your products for six to 12 weeks and are not seeing results, then it’s time to kick that product to the curb. The amount your skin will improve with a product will differ from person to person, but there should be some improvement starting at about six weeks; otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money. 

2. You've Used The Same Product For Years

Although having a love affair with a skincare product that has lasted longer than any of your relationships is excellent, it’s probably time to try something new. With your skin regularly changing throughout your life and constant advancements in the skincare community, there is a good chance that your product isn’t giving you all your skin needs now. 

Often we don’t realize this until we use a new product and start seeing new results and improvement in our skin. Out with the old and in with the new as warmer weather rolls in, it’s time for a new spring skincare routine.


3. You Have Skincare Goals & Concerns

You might start noticing your skin is greasier than usual or want more of a glow. Whatever your new goals or concerns, it may be a great time to try something new. Your skin will go through new phases with each stage of life.

Remember to try one new product at a time while entering your new spring skincare routine. Otherwise, it will be hard to see which product works for you and which does not. Also, if you experience irritation, burning, dryness, or flaking, stop using the product immediately, as your skin tells you the product is not suitable for your skin type. 

P.S. Don’t know what your skin type is? Take our skin quiz and find out here! 

4. You Feel Like You're Using Too Many Products

With the media showing these 10 to 20, even sometimes 30-step skincare routines, you may feel like you must use many products. You bought all the serums, masks, eye creams, toners, and moisturizers but did not see results. You don’t need it all, so embrace the “less is more” concept as you begin your new spring skincare routine.

A simple routine is often all you need; putting too much on your face could cause more harm than good. Not only that, but it can be hard to stay consistent with your skin routine every night when your entire routine lasts longer than the Netflix show you watch before bed. Multifunctional products like the Revitalize 7 in-1 Power Serum delivers the ingredients you need in a simple and efficient format by serving multi purposes in one step

5. You're Bored and Don't Enjoy Your Routine

No one wants to do something they hate or find boring every night. It is essential to make your skin routine fun, comfortable, and relaxing so that you enjoy and stick to your routine. 

There are many products and tools out there to fall in love with to make your skincare routine satisfying. We enjoy putting on our ​​Radiant Rose Peptide Firming Mask and lounging around in our robes feeling like a modern-day Cleopatra. 


6. Your Skin is Dry or Oily

A good skincare routine can make your face feel fresh and new, but if you are suffering from skin that is either dry or oily, then you need to start using the right products for your skin. Both are signs that your products are not working for your skin type and require different products. It is essential to know your skin type to choose the right products to help your dry or oily skin. 


Need help determining what your skin type is? Take our Skin Code Quiz to find out!