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Bulgarian Rose Champagne Facial



This ultra-hydrating and divinely scented treatment instantly infuses hydration, calming, brightness, and regeneration to skin. The Bulgarian Rose Champagne Facial moisturizes your skin with nourishing shea & jojoba, soothing rose oil, and anti-oxidizing mallow, while strengthening with grape cell extract. This Champagne facial treatment restores skin with added youthfulness, plumpness, and health. Wonderful for all skin types.

Our pure Bulgarian Rose oil has strong anti-inflammatory, stress-reducing, and regenerating effects. It also adds a touch of luxurious fragrance.

This skin treatment combines antioxidant and multivitamin extracts. Distilled from Champagne grapes and Bulgarian roses, this luxurious Champagne facial treatment infuses skin with long-lasting moisture and elasticity. You will love the delicious smell, exquisite feel, and truly amazing results!

Why a Champagne Facial?

Similar to wine, Champagne contains highly concentrated antioxidants that work like a shield against skin damage. These same antioxidants also have stunning anti-aging benefits. One particular antioxidant found in Champagne, called polyphenols, which is a moisturizing compound that helps dramatically reduce inflammation and redness.

Champagne also boasts a healthy dose of tartaric acid, which is an organic detoxifier that smooths skin, evens out tone, and enhances your natural glow.

Why Bulgarian Rose Oil?

Consisting of an elaborate mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Bulgarian Rose oil is excellent for skincare. It moisturizes dry skin, which also offering antiseptic and astringent properties. Rose oil also refines skin texture, as well as controls redness  and inflammation.

Additionally, the scent of rose is known to calm and soothe, making this Bulgarian Rose Champagne Facial a uniquely relaxing and restorative experience.

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