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DermaSweep Premium Infusion


60 minutes

The DermaSweep Premium Infusion skin resurfacing treatment provides non-invasive exfoliation and skin revitalizing. It gently vacuums away dead skin and blackheads, while stimulating blood flow and encouraging your skin to produce new collagen.

The bristle tips have been designed to allow for airflow throughout the bristle. This unique quality causes the skin to be gently drawn into the bristle, resulting in a more effective exfoliation with less irritation. The patented bristle tips are the key to next-generation microdermabrasion. They allow for increased efficacy and true epidermal serum infusion. After your first DermaSweep, your skin will be smoother, clearer, healthier, and will also absorb products so much more effectively!

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Skin conditions that can be improved with DermaSweep treatments include:

    • Early aging lines (wrinkles)
    • Sun damage
    • Dull skin
    • Hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
    • Acne scars
    • Enlarged pores
    • Uneven skin texture
  • Melasma (irregular brown patches)

Premium DermaSweep Infusions

Premium InFusions contain powerful, scientifically proven active skincare ingredients like skin-transforming peptides, anti-aging human growth factors and revitalizing DNA repair enzymes.

  • NuCell
  • Repair
  • Red Carpet Ready
  • Clarify

NuCell Revolutionary Stem Cell Treatment

This is the most popular treatment and works best for combating acne, rosacea or aging skin.

NuCell combines a proprietary blend of human growth factors, a number of peptides, proteins and other great ingredients.

NuCell will reverse conditions like dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, as well as strengthen your skin elasticity.

Red Carpet Ready

The best skin perfecting treatment for a special occasion!

This combination of skin tightening, hydration and plumping will make you more than ready for that special day. Recommended to be done on or one day before the event.


A de-aging and detoxifying  treatment.

A very unique blend of enzymes and peptides reinforces your cell detoxification, which increases cell tissue longevity. This treatment helps to skin tone, texture, and overall skin health.


Great for oily, acne-prone skin.

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