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5 Reasons You Need a Great Eye Cream

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Your kid had a nightmare in the middle of the night. You were up late working on a project. You tried to meal-prep for the week ahead and ended up cooking veggies at midnight. Whatever the reason you didn’t get a lot of sleep, it seems like every day you wake up with large bags under your eyes. What can solve this problem? Eye cream!

This product is a skincare essential. If you don’t have it in your skincare regimen already, it’s time to invest in eye cream!

5 Reasons You Need a Great Eye Cream

1. The Skin Around Your Eyes is Delicate

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is some of the thinnest on your entire body? The skin around eyes is much thinner than the skin on your heels or even the rest of your face. Because it is so delicate, it is particularly susceptible to sun damage, environmental stressors, and fatigue. In response to damage, issues like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles can appear very quickly.

In order to protect the delicate skin under and around your eyes, it is critical to use a powerful eye cream like HD Reverse Lifting Eye Cream. By using an eye cream daily, you can keep your skin in tip-top shape while also helping prevent signs of aging.

Our skin naturally things as we age. Over time, we all experience a thinning of skin, particularly in areas around our eyes and our hands, as we lose the fat and collagen underneath our skin. This leads to a loss in elasticity and added fragility in our skin. In addition to the passage of time, factors like genetics, medical conditions, certain medications, and excessive UV ray exposure can further thin your complexion.

The tendency to lose fullness and elasticity makes wearing eye cream that much more important as we age. HD Reverse is specially formulated to noticeably firm the eye area, smooth the skin, and help boost collagen production to restore suppleness. This luxurious eye cream delivers an active peptide complex and moisture surge that help skin repair and regenerate; increased collagen production allows new, healthy skin to turn over.

2. Your Regular Moisturizers Aren’t Quite Enough

You may be thinking, but I already moisturize. Why do I need an additional product just for my eyes? Well, the problem is that your eye area is not the same as your cheeks or nose or forehead or chin. Look at your skincare products. You might notice that some of them instruct you to keep the product away from your eyes. This can be because 1) it is important to make sure no products enter your eyes and 2) some ingredients can actually be damaging to the sensitive skin. For example, alcohol is found in many toners. It may work on your cheeks and nose, but it can be harmful to the delicate skin under your eyes. So you may think you have moisturizing covered with an all-in-one product, but you’re probably neglecting the needs of your sensitive skin around your eyes. Perhaps even damaging it with your other products.

Eye creams differ from other moisturizers in some key ways. They are specifically made to be deeply hydrating yet gentle, since that part of your complexion can be especially prone to irritation. Eye creams like HD Reverse are made without common irritants you might find in other creams and lotions, such as added fragrances. This ensures that the skin around your eyes gets the intense moisture it needs without any irritating ingredients.

3. Eye Creams Treat Puffiness and Dark Circles

Perhaps what eye creams are best known for is combating puffiness and dark circles. This is an important distinction between an eye cream and a regular facial moisturizer. While a traditional moisturizer doesn’t act as an anti-inflammatory, HD Reverse has active ingredients that help reduce fluid retention and the appearance of bags under the eyes.

To treat a specific problem, you need a specific solution. Fluid retention can result in more prominent, thicker veins under the skin, which ends up in dark circles around the eyes. When you hydrate the eyes with the dynamic formula found in HD Reverse, it treats the problem as well as prevents future dark circles.

Sometimes dark circles appear from lack of sleep, but they can also be caused based on natural skin color and predisposition, allergies, aging skin, or genetics. By causing liquid to disperse, the right eye cream can increase blood flow and decrease the appearance of dark circles.  

4. The Under Eye Skin has Minimal Oil Glands

Most of your face is covered with oil glands, which secrete oil onto the surface of your skin, keeping it hydrated and flexible. Without oil glands, your skin would be dried out, cracked, and stiff in no time. When oil glands are too productive, they can trap excess oil on the skin, making it appear shiny or clogging pores. The skin around your eyes does not get the benefits – or the drawbacks – of oil glands. While this means that it is unlikely the skin around your eyes will be covered in acne or particularly oily, it also means that this area is prone to dryness. Having dry, tight skin can be extremely uncomfortable, and it only serves to make you look older. If you use regular face cream on the skin around your eyes, you’ll find that it doesn’t hydrate the same. HD Reverse is designed to combat the constant dryness around the under eye skin by delivering a deeply hydrating eye cream designed for that very purpose.   

5. Your Eye Cream is Multifunctional

Did you know there are multiple uses for your eye cream? Of course, it is designed for use on the delicate skin around your eyes, but there are other parts of the body it is used on as well.

Hydrate Your Lip Line

You may notice, especially in the summertime, that your lip line is really dry. This can be the damaging effect of the sun or using too many products. The good news is there is a quick solution! Simply use your eye cream try it. Just as it helps protect eyes from the fine lines that appear at the corner of your eyelids, HD Reverse can help safeguard your mouth against the tiny lines that congregate around the corner of your lips.

Smooth Your Cuticles

Is a hangnail driving you crazy? Do your cuticles feel dry a few days after a manicure? Consider using your eye cream on your hands. I know this sounds nuts, but stick with me! Eye cream like HD Reverse is developed to be super hydrating. Delivering those properties to the cuticle area can help repair the damaged or dry nails left behind. So if you’re thinking of picking that hangnail, wait! Get the eye cream instead and your hands will thank you.

Eye cream is essential for everyone! It is particularly important as we age and skin around the eyes becomes thinner and thinner. With all the uses listed for eye cream, it’s wild to think of how anyone lives without it. Take care of your under eye skin and protect against future damage by purchasing eye cream. Have questions about this skincare product? Let me know!

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