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How Using The Right Skin Care Order Can Make You Beautiful

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We all know how important skin care is. Taking care of your skin is the difference between a glowing complexion and frustrating skin issues like acne, dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, dark undereye circles, and other problems. Skin care order can make all the difference when it comes to these pervasive skin issues.

Using the right products can minimize and even eliminate these pesky problems. We all want perfect skin, so we buy all the products we can and haphazardly use them when we think they’re needed. Stop! This is not the way to apply skin care products.

There should be a specific order in which you apply skin care products. Different products interact with each other and with your skin in different ways. It’s important to layer them properly so each product can have the maximum effect. If you apply your skincare routine in the wrong order, you can reduce the effectiveness of the products and even have a negative impact on your complexion. It also wastes product! Apply products in the correct order to get the very best results for your skin. 

How Using The Right Skin Care Order Can Make You Beautiful

Once you understand the science behind skin care order and when to apply certain products, you can apply it to your routine at home. This ensures that you get the maximum effectiveness out of your skincare routine.

If you want a ready-made skincare routine in easy to follow steps, we recommend our HD Beauty Skin Type 1 Skincare. Skin Type 1 covers complexions that are normal and/or dehydrated. Common skin issues experienced by Type 1 include: dryness, enlarged pores, blackheads, oily T-zone, tiredness, aging, and loss of tone. This comprehensive system has six steps to healthy skin. Everything you need for a glowing complexion is in this kit!

For those who want to create their own skincare routine, let’s consider the specific skin care order to follow.

Be aware that your routine should differ between day and night. During your morning routine, you are prepping your skin for the day and protecting against your environment. At night, you are cleansing off any pollutants your skin encountered during the day and replenishing your complexion.

Daytime Routine

Step 1. Cleanse

When you wake up, it’s important to cleanse your skin as part of your morning routine.

You may think that your skin doesn’t get dirty overnight, but the reality is that contaminants can enter your pores overnight. This can include sweat, oil from your hair or pillow, makeup that wasn’t fully washed off, and other pollutants can all affect your skin while you sleep.

It’s also critical to cleanse your skin before applying your daytime skin care products.

For proper absorption, you need completely clean and oil-free skin. We recommend the HD Clean Salicylic Face & Body Wash for morning cleansing. This micro-exfoliating cleanser removes dead skin cells, which helps even skin tone and improve skin’s natural luminosity.

Removing the dead skin buildup will allow other products to more deeply penetrate the skin as well. HD Clean deep cleans pores, treats and prevents acne, and can be used on your face and body. It’s the perfect first step to your daytime skin routine.

Step 2. Tone

Maybe your mother told you not to use toners because they would dry out your face. Back in the day, toners were alcohol-based. These types of toners were incredibly drying and irritating to skin. No wonder people avoided them!

HD Recharge Peptide Toner is not your mama’s toner. This aromatherapy spray is gentle, soothing, and moisturizing. It acts as a delivery system to bring vitamin C and peptides to your skin, which help prevent signs of aging. Not only does it recharge your skin and get you ready for the day, the light mist primes your face for heavier products.

Step 3. Treat

Some people skip serums because they think their other skin care products have them covered. But keeping serums in your routine is important! They are extremely concentrated formulas of hydrators, antioxidants, and nutrients that can nourish your skin and keep it glowing.

Use them after toner and before heavier products like moisturizer for maximum absorption.

The HD Revitalize 7 in 1 Rejuvinator is a nutrient-dense treatment that addresses several different skin concerns at once.

It’s key to apply this formula close to the skin so that the powerful ingredients can have maximum effect on specific skin concerns. This serum specifically mitigates signs of aging by improving the appearance of deep lines, brightness, texture, and pores.

Step 4. Restore

Serums are so important that you can apply more than one during your morning routine. In fact, you may have two or three that target specific skin issues.

So while we highly recommend the HD Revitalize for anti-aging concerns, other serums can be used in conjunction with it to create the perfect skin care routine.

Serums are versatile because of the complexity of different ingredients that can be used in each one. We recommend adding HD Restore to your daily routine to nourish skin with amazing antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids. This powerful combination is excellent for dry, red, and irritated skin.

Step 5. Hydrate

Moisturizing is a critical step in every skin care routine.

The right moisturizer locks in the previously used products, such as toner and serum, while delivering a deeply hydrating formula to keep skin smooth and soft. This makes all products in your careful skin care order more effective.

As you layer products, think about moving from the lightest to the heaviest. This helps each product penetrate the skin to the best effect.

A lighter product cannot break through a heavier product, so piling on products haphazardly can unfortunately waste product and reduce their effectiveness.

As eye cream is generally lighter and thinner than regular moisturizer, put eye cream on before putting moisturizer on the rest of your face. Everyone, no matter their age, should use an eye cream daily. Regular use of eye cream, in the proper skin care order, maintains the health and texture of the delicate skin around your eyes. The HD Reverse Lifting Eye Creme firms skin around eyes while diminishing puffiness, crow’s feet, and dark undereye circles.

Step 5 Part 2. Hydrate More

Moisturizer is so important! While it’s critical to use a specially formulated eye cream for the sensitive skin around your eyes, and to ensure to layer it on before a thicker cream, don’t forget your regular moisturizer in the process.

After putting on HD Reverse, follow up with a face moisturizer that can lock in the hydrating effects of the previous products.

HD Perform Multi-Complex Creme firms and hydrates skin without leaving it greasy. The dynamic formula works to protect skin from environmental factors that lead to aging while brightening and evening skin tone.

Step 6. SPF

Don’t miss the last step before running out the door in the morning!

Sunscreen is the very last thing in your skin care order. Why is that? We start with cleansing to prepare your complexion for products. We layer products on in order for maximum effectiveness. And we finish with sunscreen because it is not attempting to penetrate your skin.

Sunscreen acts as shield against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  It’s a protective measure rather than an addition to your skin, like hydrating formulas. That’s why we call our sunscreen HD Defend. This tinted moisturizer protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays and avoids potential damage.

That’s it for your daytime routine! You’re ready to head out the door with glowing skin.

Nighttime Routine

Step 1. Cleanse

Just as cleansing your skin is critical in the morning, it is crucial to clean your skin at night. This gets rid of all the pollutants such as smoke, smog, dirt, sweat, oil, and makeup that have built up over the day.

Removing the grim off the day allows your skin to be totally refreshed and ready to absorb your nighttime skin care products. While we recommend HD Clean for morning cleansing, evening cleansing should remove impurities while nourishing skin.

HD Pure Balancing Cleansing Gel is a gentle gel cleanser that replenishes lost moisture while reducing redness and irritation. Ginger and chamomile essential oils in the formula soothe and calm skin, making it a good product to use before bed.

Step 2. Tone

At night, we recommend another alcohol-free toner (please, please, please don’t use toner with alcohol. It will dry out your skin!) to remove dead skin buildup that can occur throughout the day.

HD Refresh Multi-Action Toner Pads are easy to use, already pre-soaked pads that can be swiped across your face before bed. The pads are botanical infused to calm skin before bed, and can even be used on any razor burn and shaving bumps. This toner gently exfoliates, leaving even sensitive skin with improved tone and texture.  

Step 3. Treat

Nighttime is the perfect time to treat skin with anti-aging products that can work while you sleep. We recommend layering an anti-aging serum after you use toner.

The concentrated ingredients in HD Smooth dramatically lessen the appearance of expression lines and visibly plump skin. With continuous usage, and maintaining the proper skin care order, you can wake up with dramatically improved skin! This serum works on common issues like fine lines, crow’s feet, lip lines, frown lines, and other signs of aging.

Step 4. Restore

You may have heard about the powers of retinol. This powerful ingredient can have amazing results for your skin!

People of all ages should use a serum with retinol to improve the look and feel of their skin. HD Vibrant is a concentrated serum that visibly firms skin and reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

I know what you’re thinking; Step 4 included a serum. And you’re right! Just as in your morning routine, using more than one serum can help you take advantage of the concentrated ingredients available to treat specific skin issues.

HD Vibrant improves skin’s smoothness, lessens roughness, and eliminates scaly patches. Use it nightly for optimal results.

Step 5. Hydrate

One of the most important steps to your nighttime skin routine is moisturizer.

While some people may use the same moisturizer for their daytime and nighttime skin routine, we recommend using a moisturizer specifically formulated for evening use. Night creams and moisturizers are usually heavier and thicker because they are absorbed while you are sleeping. Your skin has several hours to be replenished by your nighttime moisturizer, so it can be a real heavy hitter.

Also, you skin can become dehydrated overnight while you are sleeping. A heavy moisturizer provides a protective barrier on your skin and prevents dehydration from happening.

The HD Reclaim Multi-Complex Night Creme should be the very last step in your nightly skin care order. This moisturizer is applied after serum and locks in all products used. It is the lsat step because no other products can get through this heavy cream, which works to nourish and replenish your skin overnight. This luxurious night cream promotes smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin, all while you sleep!

It’s important to not only use the right products, but use them in the right order. Now that you know the correct skin care order, you can perfect your daytime and nighttime skin routines for a glowing and youthful complexion!

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