The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For The Beauty Junky In Your Life

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Searching for Christmas gift ideas for your beauty-obsessed friend? There’s at least one in every group. The friend who follows beauty vloggers on YouTube and always knows what to do when your skin breaks out. She tries out new hairstyles and beauty products frequently, and has the best advice on lipstick shades. Everyone has at least one. Maybe you have several!

When picking out gifts for this friend, you want to purchase something they haven’t already tried. They know their products, so you want to give them the best — a generic eye shadow palette isn’t going to cut it. You want to give them something thoughtful, unique, and luxe. Something they are excited to try out! Here’s your chance to introduce something new to the friend who always has the best beauty finds.

Here’s our list of Christmas gift ideas for the beauty junky in your life!

christmas gift ideas

Silvon Pillowcase

Your beauty bestie probably puts products on her face to work while she sleeps, but she might not realize that her pillowcase could be making her breakout! We rarely think about our pillowcase except to wash it once a week (or longer…admit it). Bacteria, dirt, and oil from your environment, face, and hair build up on your pillowcase.

When you sleep, especially if you are a side or stomach sleeper, those contaminants can make their way into your pores, causing acne. Yuck! Fortunately, there is a way to combat this. The Silvon Pillowcase is made with the silkiest cotton and antimicrobial silver threads. Not only does it feel ah-mazing, but it literally repels bacteria, helping your face stay pimple-free. A pillowcase that can cut down on breakouts? Everyone will want this!

Acne Spot Treatment

It would be nice if acne magically went away the moment you stopped being a teenager, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. Long after high school many of us still struggle with zits. Hormonal changes, stress, diet, and many other factors can impact our skin at any age.

That’s why every beauty junky will appreciate an acne spot treatment that actually works! The HD Spark Acne Spot is a powerful spot treatment that works quickly and effectively to minimize redness and swelling while reducing the risk of acne scars. The treatment is clear, so it can be applied at anytime without worrying about drawing more attention to the pimple.

Dear Dahlia Paradise Dream Velvet Lip Mousse

Our Christmas gift ideas are focused on products that your beauty-loving friend might not have tried before. The Dear Dahlia lip mousse is a Korean beauty favorite that is starting to make a splash in the USA. These lip mousses have the impact and drama of a full-color lipstick, with the moisturizing bonus of a mousse. They are super easy to apply (see the lip gloss applicator), long lasting, and come in beautiful colors! Whether you pick “Guava”, “Sangria”, or “Teddy”, your friend will be thrilled with a new lip product to try.


Serums are lightweight formulas that you apply to skin after cleansing. They go on first, before moisturizers or creams, because they have smaller molecules that can penetrate the skin deeply. This makes them perfect vehicles for high concentrations of active ingredients. As far as Christmas gift ideas go, this one is perfect for anyone with skin. You can find potent serums for every skin issue!

I recommend the HD Restore Glowing Skin Serum as a wonderful all-around serum for every lady in your life. It has a dynamic anti-aging formula that includes Lipochroman®, the strongest antioxidant available, which helps correct signs of aging and protect against future environmental damage. It provides an instant glow and helps achieve smoother, plumper skin. This serum will make a perfect gift! Goodbye, rough skin. Goodbye, dullness. Hello, beautiful, glowing complexion!

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite Faceware Pro

Looking for Christmas gift ideas that mix beauty and tech? Enter the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite Faceware Pro. This device uses the latest therapeutic red and blue LED light technology to markedly improve the appearance and texture of skin. This includes reducing and eliminating acne, wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as improving skin tone. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Similar to the popular LightStim, this mask covers the entire face so the beauty junkies in your life can treat their whole face at once instead of doing each section slowly. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Pro Palette

Every beauty insider knows that Benefit rules the brow world. Their multitude of brow products, along with the famous Brow Bar, makes it easy to keep your eyebrows looking fabulous. Now they’ve released the Brow Zings Pro Palette, and every beauty junky wants it!

This palette contains 2 high-pigment sculpting waxes, 1 clear wax, and 4 powders, so your friend will be set for all her brow needs. From the natural look to a dramatic date night, this palette has the possibility for anything!

Face Masks

Sometimes the perfect Friday night is going out with your friends, having cocktails, and dancing the night away. But sometimes the perfect Friday night is spent in, doing beauty routines and relaxing. Some Christmas gift ideas are catered to that kind of Friday night. So apply a face mask, kick up your feet, and put on your favorite rom-com, it’s treat yourself time!

The HD Youth Oxygen Mask would make the perfect gift for every lady in your life! It’s full of replenishing ingredients that nourish skin. This mask contains Vitacell®, a botanical yeast complex that helps boost the skin’s oxygen uptake. This means a brighter, firmer, and more youthful appearance. This hydrating mask provides instant glow and helps enhance the complexion’s firmness and vibrancy long-term. The HD Youth Oxygen Mask is perfect for anyone who travels a lot (airplanes are so dehydrating), has recently had a skin procedure, or has mature and hormonal skin.

Custom Facial

How do you think of Christmas gift ideas for a beauty junky that has everything? Get them a beauty service!

What screams luxury like a custom HD Beauty Facial? A custom facial is a multi-step skin treatment that uses powerful products to treat the skin. The aestethician will discuss any skin concerns, perform a skin analysis, and determine a custom treatment and the right products for the individual client. Over the course of an hour, your friend’s complexion will be cleansed, exfoliated, and nourished.

At HD Beauty, your friend (or mom, sister, aunt, coworker…this gift is wonderful for anyone!) will be pampered by our skilled skincare specialists in our beautiful spa. They will get all the finest treatment and products in one session, leaving them with glowing skin after just one session!

La Mer The Glow Highlighter

La Mer is the crème de la crème of the beauty world. Your beauty-obsessed friend will be stoked to receive anything from this brand. La Mer’s Glow Highlighter is a luxurious combo designed to give the skin a rose-gold glow. The palette contains two textures that can be used separately or blended together. The first is a lightweight solid oil-cream that gives a dewy sheen and the second is a silky pressed powder that provides a shimmering glow. This highlighter duo looks stunning on all skin colors and types! To add to the lavish vibe, the highlighter is enriched with glimmering gemstones and the signature La Mer Miracle Broth, a kelp-based formula of powerful ingredients used in all its world-renowned skincare products.

MNDA The Beauty Roller for Eyes

Skin rollers have been all the rage for a few years now. But does your favorite beauty junky have this beloved MNDA Beauty Roller for Eyes? This device is created especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes, which can be easily damaged by other rollers or harsh products. Banish tired, puffy looking eyes for good with this beauty roller!  It smooths the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, reduces puffiness, and brightens eyes. No more dark circles! The roller’s special properties come from the carbon spheres, which warm the skin and help to instantly transform the skin. It’s perfect to use the first thing in the morning!

Gift Card

Sometimes, you really don’t know what your beauty junky friend has or doesn’t have. It can be difficult to consider Christmas gift ideas for the beauty lover that has everything! That’s when a HD Beauty gift card is the perfect choice. That way, they can get a wonderful beauty gift of their choice. HD Beauty gift cards are wonderful on their own or as part of a beauty gift basket. It’s the gift that always fits!

These Christmas gift ideas are all you need to find the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life! When it comes to skincare, makeup, and beauty devices, this list has you covered. You may even find a gift for yourself!

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