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Why Do I Have Puffy Eyes and How Can I Make it Stop?

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Have you ever woken up, walked into the bathroom, and gone “eeeeeek!” in the mirror? Lots of things can happen overnight, including mussed hair and pillow creases on your face. However, the one thing that causes many women angst, and doesn’t go away as fast as pillow creases, is puffy eyes. 

If you’ve ever woken up with swollen eyelids and wondered, “What are these and how do I get rid of them?”,  this blog can help! As one of the major concerns for many women, we want to delve deep into the underlying causes, prevention, and tips to make them disappear! We all deserve to look well rested and alert. Let’s make it happen by banishing those puffy lids!  


What causes puffy eyes?

When you wake up to swelling around your eyes, you want to know why. Where did this come from? Puffiness can be accompanied by bags underneath your eyes, irritation, redness, and dark circles. All of this can contribute to a tired, inflamed look and diminish your self-confidence. Many women try to cover up the problem with makeup, but unfortunately that doesn’t help the underlying problem. 

Puffy eyes occur because of fluid accumulation. Your eyes appear swollen because they are! Fluid collects around your eye sockets and fills the nearby skin tissue. Since the skin tissue around your eyes is some of the most delicate around your body (which is why I recommend applying product with your ring finger, which will apply less pressure than your stronger index finger and middle finger), swelling is very obvious and more difficult to cover up.  

Allergies might be the problem

You know the skin around your eyes is very thin, but you might not realize it is sensitive to irritation. How do your eyes look after you’ve rubbed them? The sensitive skin may react when it comes into contact with airborne allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen. Allergens around your eyes or inhaled through your nose can cause your eyes to swell, itch, and water. You might also notice flaky and dry skin around your eyes. All of this can add up to really unhappy eyes! 

While it can be difficult to remove all allergens from your life (particularly for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, or hay fever), there are things you can do to reduce their effects. Try a saline eye rinse or over-the-counter eye drops to rinse allergens out of your eyes. If your skin is irritated, try a lubricated ointment that will calm your red skin and serve as a barrier between your skin and potential allergens. 

Here are some quick fixes to prevent puffy eyes!

Place cool cucumber slices over your eyes

After you figure out the “why” of swollen eyes, you probably want to know how to fix them. Ready to de-puff your peepers? You might have the solution in your refrigerator! Look in your vegetable drawer or down the produce aisle for a cucumber. There’s a reason cucumbers are commonly used in creams and lotions. They have an incredible power to reinvigorate and contain antioxidants that can help diminish irritation. Slice a few rounds of cold cucumber, place on each eye, and lay down. Relaxing for thirty minutes will give the cucumber time to soothe the skin around your eyes and will give you a chance to recharge. Bonus: you can eat the rest of the cucumber as a healthy snack!

Rub the affected areas with a chilled spoon

If you don’t have a cold cucumber on hand, try a similar trick with a metal spoon. You can plunge two metal spoons into ice water or hold under a faucet pouring cool water until cold. Once they are cold, lie down and place the bowls of the spoons on your eyelids. The advantage to using spoons is that the shape is perfect to fit your eye sockets, allowing the whole area to come into contact with the cool metal. Hold the spoons for a minute or two, taking the time to restore your energy while the coldness revives your eyes.  

If you regularly have puffy eyes when you wake up, try keeping a teaspoon in your refrigerator overnight. You’ll have a cold spoon to use when you need it, and it can be a great tool to apply eye cream. Put your eye cream on the back of the spoon and gently rub your eye, starting with the inside corner closest your nose to the outside corner closest your temple. This is a wonderful way to apply eye cream and get the de-puffing benefits of a cold spoon at the same time.  

Use an eye cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients

There’s a reason eye creams are different than moisturizers or serums. They help with eye-specific issues, such as dark circles and puffiness. The right cream can reduce puffiness and ensure you look your best. HD Reverse Lifting Cream is dynamic and hard-hitting. It not only promotes drainage to minimize the appearance of swollenness, it also strengthens collagen and elastic fibers. This helps firm the skin around the eye, which helps reduce puffiness. The powerful ingredients in HD Reverse include glycerin, active peptide complex, and marine extract, a powerful combination that increases capillary strength, promotes drainage and restores firmness and elasticity. Try applying with a cold metal spoon! 

Make sure to remove all makeup before you go to bed

One of the culprits to your puffy eyes may be yourself! If you’re falling into bed without carefully removing all your makeup, you may be causing your own swollen eyes. By hitting the sack without washing your face, you are allowing the possibility of makeup getting into your eye and makeup irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes. Your eyes may water, and you can end up waking up to irritation, redness, and puffiness. Wash everything off nightly to avoid this scenario! 

As an addition to taking off your makeup, I highly recommend getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. These sound like small things, and I know they always fall under “Doctor Recommended” lists, but there’s a reason for that! Not only can it help you feel good on the inside, these steps can help you look good on the outside. Make rest and hydration a priority and your skin will thank you for it. 

There’s no need to scream if you see puffy eyes in the mirror. There are steps you can take to prevent puffy eyes and treat them once they appear. I have included my ideas for prevention, such as taking off your makeup every night, to treatment, such as cool cucumbers. All of these tips may come in handy when you need it! Remember, the skin around your eyes is extremely delicate. Don’t roughly slather on ointment or rub your eyes — you may end up irritating your eyes worse. Treat your eyes gently, follow these tips, and enjoy your days puff-free. No horror shows here!

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