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Why You Need to Try Using a Facial Roller

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There’s a reason every Instagram makeup guru is talking about their facial roller. It’s an essential part of your skincare toolkit. From reducing puffiness and firming up your skin to easing headaches and reducing toxins, the facial roller does it all.

If you haven’t tried one out yet, here’s everything you need to know. We’ve got all the face roller benefits and tips and tricks for making it an effective (and regular) part of your skincare routine. What are you waiting for?

What is Face Rolling?

A facial roller is usually made from some kind of crystal, like jade or rose quartz. It looks a little bit like a paint roller, with two different ends. One end has a larger stone, which you can use on your forehead, jawline, cheeks, and neck, and another smaller end that you can use comfortably under your eyes to remove any dark bags you may have.

The most important thing in order to get the most face roller benefits is to make sure to use an oil or serum with it. This makes sure that your face roller moves smoothly over your skin. The gentle massaging motion allows any excess fluid to drain from your face, stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins, stimulate blood flow (leaving your face with a youthful glow), and get rid of any puffiness you may be dealing with.

Benefits of Using a Facial Roller

Face roller benefits go beyond just making your skin look younger. They can remove toxins from your skin, help smooth out fine lines, improve or eliminate dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Facial rollers can also provide relief from tension headaches and reduce inflammation. If you suffer from breakouts, or just want brighter skin in general, they can help you there too! In addition to all of the physical benefits, using a facial roller is super relaxing and can help you unwind after a long day or get ready for the day ahead. After a gentle massage from your facial roller, you’ll feel more relaxed and zen than you did before.

One of the reasons facial rollers may be so effective is that they may increase the level of lymphatic drainage in your face, which has been linked to a reduction in swelling. This leaves your skin feeling tighter and more youthful.

If you suffer from headaches, both sinus, and tension, a facial roller may be exactly what you’re looking for! They’ve been shown to help ease the symptoms of headaches. When you feel one coming on, grab your roller and some serum and roll it out.

Facial rollers are designed to work with facial creams and serums, allowing the product to absorb more fully into your skin, making them a great finisher to your skincare routine. You can also use them with sheet masks, rolling over the top of the mask to help it work more effectively as well.

As an extra on the list of face roller benefits, you can use it over your make-up! It will give your skin an extra healthy glow and can smooth out your make-up so the end result looks more natural.

Using your facial roller regularly can actually help tone your face and keep the skin from sagging. If you spend just five to ten minutes two to three times a week, you’ll see results!

What You Need Before You Use a Facial Roller

Once you start using your facial roller regularly, you may find it becomes your favorite part of your skincare routine! Many people love the ritual of it. Clear out an extra five or so minutes in your morning or evening (or both! You do you!) routine to treat yourself to the soothing comfort of your facial roller.

To start with, you want to make sure you have everything ready. Although crystal tends to keep its cool, storing your facial roller in the fridge can keep it even cooler. The cold will tighten your pores, which wakes up and soothes the skin, whether you’re using it in the morning or after a long day. Alternatively, if you want more of a ‘hot-stone massage’ feel to relax, you can dip your roller in hot water for about thirty seconds before applying it.

You will also need a cream, oil, or serum to use as the base of the routine. You can use something that’s already a part of your routine, or try something new!

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How to Use a Face Roller

  1. You always want to begin with a clean dry face when you’re using your facial roller. This keeps you from rolling any dirt or grime from the day more deeply into your skin. Give your face a wash, pat it dry, and settle in.
  2. Begin by applying a serum or cream to your skin (like our HD Intensive Moisture Creme) so that your roller can move more smoothly across your face while giving you an even distribution of product and preventing the roller from catching or sticking on your skin.
  3. Never roll up and down. Depending on where you’re rolling, you want to either be rolling upwards, towards your hairline or down towards your neck. Be a little more firm when rolling up, as your goal with that movement is to tighten your muscles. When you’re rolling down, you’re pushing toxins out of your face and towards your body, where they can be dealt with by your system. Repeat the movement in each section five times for the best results.
  4. Remember that the larger side of your facial roller is for use on most of your face. You only need to use the smaller side for the areas below and around your eyes. Start by rolling outwards under your jaw. This tightens your skin and can help tone the area, helping to define your jawline. Roll slowly but firmly on your neck and jaw.
  5. Move up your face, rolling out towards your hairline, under, and then along, your cheekbones. When you’re using the roller on and around your cheeks, use brisk, firm strokes.
  6. Finish by moving your facial roller along your brows and then up towards your hairline on your forehead.
  7. Once the product is fully absorbed into your skin (and you’re suitably relaxed and prepared for your day or night), you can move on to the next step in your skincare routine.
  8. Don’t forget to clean your roller when you’re done using it! If you don’t clean it, especially if you’re using it as part of your daily routine, you can end up getting grime into your pores. Warm soapy water should do the trick, but don’t be afraid to give it a more thorough cleaning every now and again.

If you want to keep your skin feeling young and healthy, a facial roller is a must-have addition to your skincare routine. They’re a versatile and essential tool. Whether your goal is to firm up your skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles, or detoxify your skin and reduce inflammation, a facial roller has you covered.

Have you used one yet? Tell us why you love it!

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