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Why Your Acne Products Are Failing You

By February 3, 2020August 5th, 2020No Comments

Everyday you go through the routine of using multiple acne products. Yet despite buying all these products and using them daily, you are still breaking out!

Recurring acne is a common problem for people from puberty onward. Unfortunately, entering your 20s, 30s, or 40s isn’t a guarantee against zits. Redness, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads can happen at any age.

But don’t worry! HD Beauty has skincare specialists to help you to clear and beautiful skin!

Acne Treatments Take Time to Work

This is the first tip because it’s the most crucial to hear right away. I know it can be frustrating, but acne products take time to work. This is not an immediate solution! While using products may produce immediate results, but these products are intended for long-term use that will lead to lasting results.

If you have just started your acne treatment, don’t give up hope on it yet! You need to give your products more than just a few days to work. Depending on the treatment, it can take a few weeks or even longer for the product to take effect.

So if you’ve started using a new acne treatment and you haven’t noticed a big change yet, that doesn’t mean the product isn’t working.

It means that you need to be patient! With consistent use of the right acne products you can see a major difference in your skin. We highly recommend the HD Beauty Acne Control System for anyone struggling with acne.

Your Skin Isn’t Clean When You Apply Acne Products

Maybe you’re using great acne products regularly, but are you applying them to clean skin? You can have fantastic products but if your skin isn’t prepped properly, they can’t really take effect.

When your skin has been thoroughly cleaned, the pores have all the dirt and debris washed free. When pores are unclogged, it is easier for acne products to penetrate the skin and improve the look of your complexion.

Cleansing your skin prior to applying acne products will help maximize their effectiveness. It can also help prevent future pimples. Daily washing your face will also help dislodge the debris, dirt, smog, etc that layers up on your face. These environmental particles clog pores and cause further acne.

For daily cleansing, we recommend HD Clean Face & Body Wash. This daily cleanser unclogs pores and removes skin cells. This cleanser deep cleans pores without drying out skin (which can lead to more acne!). It treats and prevents acne breakouts. Highly recommended for daily use to cleanse skin and calm acne!

You Aren’t Applying Enough of the Product

It is possible to apply too much product — but it’s also possible to apply too little! Some people are nervous to use too much product because they don’t want to dry out their skin or waste product. However, it’s important to use enough product so that the active ingredients can take effect.

Use your fingers (make sure to wash your hands prior to applying product) to apply a spot treatment as needed. The HD Spark Acne Spot Treatment is a great proactive way to reduce the appearance of pimples as well as the potential for post-acne scarring. HD Spark minimizes pimple inflammation and redness.

Apply a spot treatment to active breakouts as needed throughout the day. HD Spark is perfect for continuous application because the formula is clear and can be applied over makeup. Use enough product and you will see results!

You’re Using Too Many Different Products

How many different acne products are you using? If your bathroom countertop is littered with a dozen pimple related products, then you may be using too many different products. When you continually use too many active ingredients or add new products to your routine constantly, you can irritate your skin.

Using too many different products can dry out your skin and make it more sensitive, thus exacerbating your acne. When it comes to acne, we recommend simplifying your routine. Instead of a laundry list of products and trying every new product on the market (and then switching in a few weeks, thus not giving it enough time to work its magic) I recommend a straightforward routine that covers all your complexion’s basic needs.

Simplify with One Acne System

The HD Beauty Acne Control System has everything you need to thoroughly cleanse your skin and banish breakouts including cleanser, exfoliator, treatment serum, and spot treatment. If you want a kit that covers all your skin’s acne-fighting needs, look no further than this comprehensive set up!

The HD Beauty Acne Control System is a specially formulated skincare regimen that clears acne and prevents new breakouts. Used continuously, it will minimize pore appearance, whiteheads and blackheads, and fade marks left from old acne. It will reduce redness, smooth your skin texture and even out skin tone.

You’re Going at it From the Wrong Angle

There are different factors that cause acne, including genetics, inflammation, excessive oil, clogged pores, and bacteria. The number of different factors means that you may be using an acne product that treats one underlying cause but not another.

So while a benzoyl peroxide will clear away bacteria, it doesn’t exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface of your complexion that cause pores to clog. Conversely, retinoids, BHAs, and AHAs are great at cell turnover and chemical exfoliation, but may be too harsh for twice daily use on sensitive skin.

What this means is that testing out acne products slowly is a good idea. Slowly adding new products or trying out a new routine, giving it a chance to make a difference on your skin, and making a determination from there is a smart way to go about acne treatment.

When building an acne routine, be aware of how different products interact with each other. For example, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin C cannot be used together because they will render the active ingredients ineffective. Do your research and ask a skinscare specialist at HD Beauty if you’re unsure about anything!

You Have Your Hands on Your Face

This is a common problem and a hard-to-break habit. When acne appears, many people are tempted to pick at their face. While most of the time a pimple will go away on its own eventually, popping it forcefully can actually make the problem worse. You can push the problem deeper into your skin, spread the bacteria onto other parts of your face, and cause scarring.

You are interfering with your skin’s ability to heal itself. My advice: stay away from your face! Put down the tweezers and stop trying to pop pimples. Your skin will thank you. This step alone can have real results!

Your Lifestyle Habits Need to Change

Acne products and picking your face aren’t the only parts of keeping your skin clear. There are a number of different lifestyle choices that can affect your pimples. For example, if you go to bed with a clean face but lay down on a dirty pillow, you may wake up with a new pimple. Your pillowcase collects skin cells, sweat, hair oils, and more while you sleep. So it’s pretty important to keep it clean!

This emphasis on cleanliness should extend to everything that touches your face. Consider your phone (do you know how much bacteria is on that thing??), hands, hair, hats, washclothes, and anything else that touches your face. Be sure to regularly wash these items and keep them as clean as possible.

Other parts of your lifestyle can have a large impact on your acne as well, including exercise, diet, and stress. These triggers may cause breakouts regardless of the acne products you’re using.

Start taking notice of which triggers affect you and what you can do to avoid those. If dairy or alcohol always cause an acne flareup, consider eliminating or minimizing the appearance of triggers in your diet. Don’t expect your products to do all the heavy lifting!

These are just some of the reasons your acne products may not be working. As long as you are following the tips I’ve given, acne shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Clear skin ahead!

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