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Holding an open mask jar with spring flowers on the counter

5 Spring Skincare Changes You Need to Make to Your Routine

It’s time for Spring cleaning! It’s the season when many of us open up the windows, let the sunlight in, and deep clean all the areas of our homes that haven’t seen the light of day all winter. While you’re clearing out closets, wiping down cupboards, and throwing away items that don’t spark joy, you might consider an overhaul of your spring skincare routine.

As the weather changes, it’s appropriate to change your skincare products and routine accordingly. In the wintertime, harsh weather, wind, and indoor heating can make your skin chapped, dry, and reddened. In springtime, different concerns are more prevalent. For example, as the days grow longer (thanks Daylight Savings Time!), there is more sunlight.

It’s important to recognize that the products that worked during winter may need to be swapped out or used differently in the springtime. As the seasons change, be sure to update your skincare routine to match the conditions. Being aware of how weather and seasonal changes can affect your skin will help you keep your complexion glowing. 

1. Exfoliate More Often

During the winter time, dry and cold conditions can make skin irritated and reddened. If you exfoliate too frequently or too harshly in the winter, your complexion can become completely dehydrated.

Don’t strip your skin of moisture when it needs it most! I recommend exfoliating just once or twice a week during the winter months.  

That being said, lightly exfoliating all winter to avoid dry skin can leave you with a buildup come springtime. This buildup can include leftover beauty products, environmental contaminants, and dead skin cells, all of which can clog your pores and leave your skin with pimples.

As the season changes, clear out pores and remove old layers of skin with a gentle and rich exfoliant, like our Pomegranate Enzyme Polish.

Using an exfoliant will clear out pores and prevent acne from forming. It will also allow your other spring skincare treatments sink into the skin better. With a clean slate, your skin will be primed to absorbed the nourishing serums and moisturizers that make up your spring skincare routine.

Most skin types can handle exfoliation two to three times a week. If you notice your skin becoming sensitive, dry, or inflamed, decrease your frequency of exfoliation.

2. Up Your SPF

As winter snow and rain clouds clear, there will be more sunshine. More sunshine means more exposure to UVA and UVB rays. Because the weather is milder than the heat of summer, it may not seem like you need more sun protection.

It is critical to apply at least sunblock with at least SPF 30 on a daily basis.

Many foundations now have SPF 15 in them. While it’s good to wear any strength sunscreen, it may not be enough to adequately protect your skin. We recommend a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to protect your face against the sun and its damaging effects, including sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkling.

Put on Defend Chemical Free SPF 30 daily before leaving the house. If your skin gets wet, you sweat heavily, or you spend more than two hours in the sun, it’s important to reapply.

This multi-use product will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays (the ones you can see and the ones you can’t) while acting as a makeup primer or lightweight foundation.  

As the days become warmer and brighter, be sure to evaluate what skin is exposed to the sun, such as hands, neck, and chest. These areas need sunblock coverage as well, or they will be exposed to the damaging effects of the sun.

3. Add an Eye Cream

As we emerge from our winter cocoons, you may find yourself squinting a lot more. The sun is out and our eyes are adjusting! All that squinting can lead to wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

A change in the weather can have a giant impact on your skin’s appearance. Ensure that the thin skin around your eyes is properly moisturized to prevent signs of aging. Women of all ages should use eye cream. A regular moisturizer may be too heavy for the delicate skin around your eyes, while a quality eye cream can take care of specific issues like sagging skin, lines, and hyperpigmentation.  

Contour Complex Eye Creme both protects against future damage and turns back the clock on existing lines. The Contour Complex Eye Creme is specially created for the delicate skin around your eyes. The lightweight formula targets Crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness.

4. Lighten Your Moisturizers

Spring skincare requires different products than wintertime routines. During wind storms and extreme cold, it makes sense to use heavy, thick creams. Come spring, it’s time to swap out dense moisturizers for lighter formulas.

Spring weather can range from humid and rainy to warm and sunny. If you’re using a heavy moisturizer during this time period, your skin can look slick and oily. Picking a lighter moisturizer, like our Super Antioxidant Peptide Creme, can keep your skin hydrated without looking greasy.

During the winter, heavily moisturizing products are needed repair your skin’s top layer. In the springtime, when weather becomes less extreme and there is more moisture in the air, that layer may already be healthy. That means heavy products sit on the top layer of skin and clog pores, causing pimples.

Moisturizer is always critical to a skin care routine, but be aware of the type of moisturizer you are using. Try out our Super Antioxidant Peptide Creme for a hydrating formula that doesn’t leave you shiny.

5. Treat Yourself to a Facial

You should always practice good skin care treatment at home, including using quality products and properly applying them. Even the best at-house skincare routines need professional supplements though. Our skilled aestheticians can offer knowledgeable insight and a facial that you can’t replicate in your bathroom.

An essential part of spring skincare is professional treatment. We recommend getting a personalized facial, like the TSB Signature Glow Facial, every 4-6 weeks.

The Signature Glow Facial will address individual concerns, combat existing skin issues, and prevent future problems. If you can’t get in to our Trabuco Canyon spa for a facial more often, try making an appointment at the changing of the seasons. This way, you are guaranteed a professional treatment 4 times a year.

For an even deeper renewal of the skin, come to the spa for the perfect peel. We suggested increasing the frequency of exfoliation in spring, and a professional chemical peel is the perfect start. Your aesthetician will work to address your concerns in an individual peel that can reduce acne or minimize signs of aging. A chemical peel will remove the dead skin cells on the surface of skin, revealing a smoother, brighter complexion!

The seasons have changed. It’s time to consider spring skincare. As we exit winter, we can ditch the heavy products in favor of lighter formulas. Follow these five tips to change over your skincare routine!