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6 stress skin conditions. holding hands over eyes with glasses on

6 Stress Skin Conditions & How to Make Them Disappear

Facing deadlines at work or your personal life adds extra stress to your life. Sometimes stressful situations aren’t in your control at all, but you may have noticed the stress show up on your skin. There are several stress skin conditions that can appear on your face or body. Stress affects every area of your life as well as showing up on your skin in the form of red bumps, acne or dry patches. The hormone that is released when you’re stressed is cortisol which can cause problems for your skin health. Before you start worrying, there is relief for different skin conditions to help ease the irritation.

Reducing stress is one of the best things you can do to help your skin look and feel great because your skin can reflect how you feel inside. Because stress is inevitable, it can have an impact on different skin conditions you may have issues with. If you know which skin condition you are experiencing you can find out how to make it disappear.

Here are 6 stress skin conditions and my best tips to make them disappear.

Skin Dehydration and Dullness

When your stress is piling up on you day after day, you may start to not care as much about what you’re eating and how much water you’re drinking. Those priorities seem to fall to the bottom of the list when faced with loads of stressful situations.
This happens to everyone. Your sleep patterns also get interrupted and you become sleep deprived. Those 3 things, water, sleep and eating healthy,  can play a big part in having healthy skin. Without your 8 glasses of water a day, you become dehydrated and your skin starts to look dull. It’s lost its glow and may even start to become dry and cracked in some areas. Evidence shows that drinking more water improves skin health. If there’s one thing you want to try and not skip out on during times of high levels of stress, it’s drinking lots of water. Once you’ve worked through your stress and you can relax again, you can start to get back to eating more veggies and getting enough sleep too. 

To help keep your skin moisturized, try this HD Intensive Moisture Creme. It’s an enriched moisturizer which helps to hydrate and add suppleness to your skin.


Rosacea can be triggered by emotional stress and by the environment. It’s a chronic skin condition of which there is no cure. But it’s symptoms can be minimized. One symptom is that your face will have a red flush after spending too much time in the heat or even after having a few glasses of wine. The other symptom is small, red, pus-filled bumps on your skin. It usually only affects the skin on your nose, cheeks and forehead. Inflammation can cause this condition to get worse. And because stress can lead to inflammation, you can notice this condition flare-up during times of stress. To minimize rosacea, avoid skin care products that can cause irritation. Use products that are made for sensitive skin. 

Try this chemical free tinted moisturizer that will help to calm skin and lesson redness.


Hives can be triggered by several things. Usually they appear because of an allergic reaction to something you ate, or some lotion or cream you’re allergic to.  But too much stress can also cause hives. The good thing is that hives usually disappear within 24 hours. 

Try using  the HD fresh papaya mint body polish to help smooth bumps and also reduce the occurrence of breakouts.


Another stress skin condition is acne. Stress quite often makes this condition worse. Trying to reduce stress by exercising and doing yoga or meditation will be a big benefit for those who suffer with acne. Because cortisol is released when under stress, it will cause breakouts like someone going through puberty.

One important step for acne is to have a good cleansing routine before bed. If you have acne on your face and your back try this HD clean salicylic face and body wash. This will deep cleanse your pores and it helps to prevent and treat acne.


If you have eczema you are one of the 10% of Americans who have this skin condition. Stress has a big part to play in this condition. In cases of eczema, the skin barrier that protects irritants from coming in is weakened because of an overactive immune system and opens the door for dryness and irritation. 

Your skin barrier needs lots of moisture to heal. Add this HD Intensive Moisture Creme to your skin care routine. This cream will help to hydrate your skin and restore skin suppleness. Apply this cream as often as you need. 

To help soothe your eczema try adding baking soda to your bath. Remember not to scratch ever! Scratching will make your eczema worse.


Psoriasis is a chronic stress skin condition. It may get worse with stress. It’s so important to find ways to try and manage the effects of stress. Meditation is a calming activity you can try. This exercise is known to help manage stress levels and improve the symptoms of psoriasis. Doing several different types of stress relieving activities to help you manage psoriasis. Do something you love every day to help take your mind off stressful situations.

Apply the Vibrant Retinol Complex to help with roughness and scaly patches on your skin. This cream also helps restore the moisture barrier to your skin.

If you have one of the above stress skin conditions you can help relieve the symptoms and help them not return by reducing your stress levels. It may be hard to do in the midst of a stressful situation, but as you keep practicing ways to reduce stress, it will get easier to control your reactions to stress and relieve any irritating skin condition you may have.

A healthy lifestyle is the number one thing you can do to combat stress. What are you doing to help you with your stress skin conditions?