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7 Staples of Self-Care

7 Staples of Self-Care

When we speak about self-care there are many things we can choose to do with our time and efforts. Let me share with you my top 7 staples of self-care. I try my best to commit to these daily for a full rounded beauty ritual. 

Scripture- I will place scripture at the top of this list undoubtedly. For those aware and those unaware there is power in the living word of God. We are able to do all things in Christ who strengthens us. The most effective and critical to understand and maintain this relationship with God is through his living word. You need healing? Find scriptures in the word. You need deliverance? Find scripture pertaining to deliverance in the word. You need strength or peace of mind? Find scripture about these topics in the word. Speak these scriptures over yourself and experience the fullness of faithfulness God brings us. All of us.

Prayer Time- We need to relax and spend time with God. Even if it's for 15-30 min. a day. It is through this intimate prayer time we are rejuvenating ourselves inwardly so we have spiritual provision to step out outwardly. We all have places we need to get each day and next chapters in our lives we are praying for. The enemy tries to keep our schedules so busy we are not able to set aside daily alone time with God. This is how HE moves mountains in our lives, through our faith and setting aside time. Part of this action is doing nothing but spending quality time with God(I take my time reading my Bible and praying as I am filled with HIS glory). You'll be surprise how quickly your obstacles become more clear and your schedule is less hectic than before. When we set time aside to pray we are making time for cellular renewal for ourselves.

Journaling- It's interesting what we actually end up journaling when we freely commit to openness and drop control. I'd recommend doing this at least once a week. What we are able to pray, speak and write down are substantial or tangible things for ourselves. If your spirit is not letting you write, say and/or pray easily your thought- than do not write it down. Only deep down what you know to be true through peace. I enjoy writing prayers or love letters to God about where I'm at with things and what I'd like to see moving forward. It's a beautiful release of emotions and clarity to the soul.

Quality Sleep- This is the hardest one for me! I end up going to bed late and unable to sleep in. Lack of sleep is depleting to our day and can make us super unproductive. Over time I start to feel under the weather do to my lack of sleep. If you have children it is harder to get peaceful lengths of time for quality sleep. Taking natural supplements and sleepy time teas can help unwind from the day and prepare for proper quality sleep.

Stretching- It's interesting how our muscles receive a workout and we improve our posture through stretching. There are so many benefits to stretching. We improve our performance in physical activities, increase muscle blood flow, enable muscles to work most effectively, decrease risk of injuries and reduce inflammation. These are just several benefits.

Clean eating- When we strive to eat clean wholesome nutrients with plentiful vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Our bodies improve heart, brain health, immune support, and not to mention weight management. What we place into our bodies matters and we should be trying our very best to keep wise choices available to us as much as possible. Grabbing a green drink now!!

Skincare- We all know the largest organ of our bodies in our skin. The aesthetics industry has shown the benefits in using quality ingredients and formulations to our skin. When we have good skincare routines and are committed to staying on top of these routine we are setting ourselves up for success. Glowing radiant skin here we come! Please take the skincare quiz for your best skincare routine.