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Is Soul-care a Part of Your Self-care?

Is Soul-care a Part of Your Self-care?


How can we know for sure if our beauty routines are, in fact, complete? I like to break down beauty rituals into two categories: body and soul. This way, we clearly make time for all aspects of self-care. I have begun to notice many women feel depleted, or not enough, and want more from their outer appearance and some of this stems from what is lacking care on the inside.


What is Your Soul-care Ritual?


Our soul is our mind, will, and emotions. Soul-care rituals are arguably more critical than our outer beauty routines in a way of building us up on the cellular level and this is something that outer beauty routines are unable to accomplish. Part of this regeneration and reinvigoration requires an understanding of who you truly are. Knowing how beautiful, loved, and accepted you truly are does something to transform and renew us when it comes to the way we look at ourselves.


When we compare our outer beauty with the other women around us we are left possibly feeling less-than, like we need surgery, botox, or more makeup to feel as adequate as society's standards found on social media or in the beauty industry. But often we don’t ask if we care enough about ourselves. Do you truly care enough for yourself? Maybe you place yourself last, and after doing this to a level of direct neglect, the level you have placed yourself is crippling. Let us stop this unhealthy cycle of neglecting our soul-care needs.


There are Many Ways to Practice Soul-care


In seeking solitude, being in nature, reading a book, meditating, or even listening to a sermon you are caring for your soul, and this inner peace transcends your outer beauty experience. For me, as a Christian woman, I enjoy taking the time to read my bible, pour a cup of tea, get a cozy blanket, and receive God’s word. How blessed and at peace this makes me feel, as if a total renewal of my soul blanketing me with energy, positivity, and a grounding of who I am and where I’m headed.


When we understand how our body and soul truly feel, we can tend to these needs on a cellular level. A deep awareness must take place to see the critical impact soul-care brings to the table, which sadly, and oftentimes, is the very first thing to be removed from our increasingly busy schedules. This is a big part of why we are so tired, depleted, and anxious throughout our day.


The true beauty of who we embody as human beings is our soul, and this radiates into a beautiful outer appearance! There are not enough laser treatments, fillers, or chemical peels to bring this type of radiating light to the surface. I want this soul-care and self-care for you. I want you to truly understand your own beauty first before you go out in the world to take care of others.