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What is Beauty and Confidence?

What is Beauty and Confidence?

What is Beauty and Confidence


Beauty and confidences go hand in hand for you can’t feel beautiful without confidence and you can’t have confidence without being beautiful. Beauty on the outside is individual, unique and special. It is our appearance, but beauty is also how we feel on the inside and reflects outwardly. Many women try to look beautiful daily in order to be at their best.

What is confidence?

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on. A firm trust. Confidence is beauty. It is not arrogant but secure. Women who walk confidently exude beauty, strength and passion. She is not afraid to be herself because she understands who she is. Nothing will sway her from her inner wisdom, firm trust and her truth. We maintain our confidence by checking in with ourselves- it’s our soul-care.

We find women looking for others approval on what is beautiful. Society and social media love to tell us how we should look in order to walk in today’s beauty and confidence world. This is misleading because you are the only one created individually special and beautiful. When we look for others to build up our confidence, we are going to still feel empty and unseen over time.

In order to build self-confidence you must understand and consistently reiterate who you are and where you are heading. Did you know we have been each created respectfully, fearfully and wonderfully? What does this mean? It means the care and attention God put into to creating you, YOU! Since we have been created all uniquely, I wanted to share this word with you all: SHAPE. This word defines the true meaning of our individual selves. Who we are created to be. It’s your:

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  How Do We Find and Continue Self-Confidence?

We find, continue and receive our true self-confidence from God. We can’t look to others for building us up to the point of what is making us whole and complete thus exuding beauty and self-confidence. Only God can refresh, rebuild and show us who we are. He does this daily for us if we take the time to check in in order to be renewed daily. How wonderfully and respectfully he created us thus providing all the confidence we need. When we have this inner confidence, we become so beautiful on the inside and it radiates throughout to the outside of ourselves. It is empowering and provides us a sense of belonging, completion and peace knowing we are already created purposely and thoughtfully. This is all a part of our soul-care.

I encourage you to take the time for yourselves to proper selfcare. Only proper selfcare is going to get us to where we need to be full of purpose and beauty exuding all the confidence we need.